Creative painting technique

A whole host of possibilities - design a completely individual space

Terra Nostra Liscio

Terra Nostra is a completely new decorative stucco concept. It can produce many new decorative effects. Terra Nostra is made of environmentally friendly material of the highest quality and refined lime. It can thereby be used in four different ways.
On the left you see the variant “Terra Nostra Liscio“

Terra Nostra Spacconte

On the left you see the variant of “Terra Nostra Spacconte“

Terra Nostra Spatolato

On the left you see the variant of “Terra Nostra Spatolato“


Polistof gives spaces a new feel and provides a smooth painting surface. Its water-based optical effect creates an intriguing effect similar to velvet, jeans, or shantung. Polistof is tough, washable, and safe.


Sensational designs for walls including zebra, elephant, giraffe, crocodile, (white) tiger, leopard, python, or tree bark.


This indelible colour really scores with its unusual softness that, once set, feels like reindeer hide. Valrena consists of small pigmentation particles and a special resin to create an evocative effect reminiscent of soft and elegant materials.

Filo d‘Oriente

Filo d 'Oriente is a revolutionary decorative technique - available with a silver or gold base. Both bases offer a wide range of colours and are indelible.

Terre d‘Italia

Terre D 'Italia is a new environmentally friendly, micro porous paint for both inside and outside applications. It is prepared using natural oxides and resins in a water-based emulsion. This is a quick and sophisticated decorating solution available in different colours and completely indelible.

Coloni di Elisa

Coloni di Elisa is available in 11 different colours and provides an indelible decorative solution.

Arteco 1

Arteco 1 is a water-soluble wall paint based on lime, and usable both inside and out. It is indelible and its antique look is reminiscent of the decoration of rural homes during the Italian Renaissance.


A modern and stylish water-based paint, for both inside and out. Klondike is indelible and can be applied to a huge variety of surfaces. It is particularly suited to modern developments with unique colours and styles.
Klondike is available in a range of colours, including gold and silver.


Futura is an indelible, revolutionary, and glossy render. It is available in many colours including gold and silver.

Silk Paint

Silk Paint is an indelible decorative render, made out of special pigments, resin, and aggregates for both inside and outside applications.

Stile Barocco

Rustic lime- and ground-marble-based patent plaster. Can be applied both inside and out.
Erhältlich in den Stilen "Marmorino" oder "Travertino"

Stile Barocco Cartella Coloni

…stands for: decorative putty in the Baroque style, noted for the following characteristics:

  •   Can be used to create many effects
  •   Large colour range
  •   Indelible


The Rococo line includes a range of extremely durable wall coatings. Good colour fastness means a long lifespan, and the product is noted for its breathability. Typical applications include surfaces with high artistic and historic value.
Venetian lime-based stucco. Slaked-lime marble render.

Sinfonia Gold

Indelible, decorative stucco with “Alcantara” effect for inside applications.


Decorative solution for inside applications. Noted for its indelible characteristics and available in a range of colours.

Sahara Premium

Highly sophisticated decorative solution with sand effect. Can be applied both inside and out. Also indelible.

Affreschi & Affreschi

A range of images painted onto fabric finishes. They can be applied and worked into any wall or ceiling. This solution is often used in large buildings, such as villas.


Decorative plaster that can be mounted, modelled, and glazed by hand.

Terre d‘Italia

Decorative water-based glaze for both inside and out. Available in different colours.

Sahara Premium Oro

Decorative solution with sand-effect for both inside and out. Characteristics of this technique are:

  •   Indelible
  •   Different colours
  •   Brighter background than Sahara Premium
  •   Different material characteristics from Sahara Premium

Sahara Premium

Decorative solution with sand-effect for both inside and out. Characteristics of this technique are:

  •   Indelible
  •   Different colours

Terre d‘Italia

Decorative glaze solution with pearl-effect. For use inside and out.


Indelible, decorative solution with sand-effect in matt, rough, medium, and fine.

Sinfonia Silver

Decorative, indelible stucco with “Alcantara” effect for inside use.


Decorative, indelible solution in gold and silver. Innovative and decorative paint with “galactic” effect.


Wall and ceiling coatings made out of cellulose. Typical characteristics of Decozell include:

  •   Regulation of internal atmosphere
  •   Noise absorption
  •   Hard wearing
  •   Fills cracks
  •   Any colour possible, including coloured specks and glimmer-effect

Slate technique

Typical characteristics of slate technique include:

  •   Decorative render
  •   Crafted by hand
  •   Glitter-effect
  •   Indelible

Concrete effect

Concrete effect sets itself apart through the following characteristics:

  •   Decorative render
  •   Crafted by hand
  •   Glaze technique
  •   Indelible

Decorative render and glaze technique

Decorative render in different forms, applicable as putty or wash

Tupftechnik Borde

Characterised by:

  •   Strip format
  •   Different types of edging are available to order from us
  •   Hard-wearing and indelible