industrial flooring

Sturdy and durable

industrial flooring

Even in areas that place great demands on flooring, be they chemical, physical, or thermal, 3Design Manufaktur has the right surfacing option for any industry. It is also possible to use highly specific colour schemes to mark out e.g., thoroughfares. These might be relevant for forklift traffic or to indicate parking spaces.

We are able to provide the following finishes:

  •       - Anti-slip
  •       - Matt
  •       - Gloss
  •       - noise-reducing for both impact and footfall

Colouring follows the RAL colour scheme.

The benefits of industrial flooring lie in its material characteristics. It is elastic, solvent-free, UV protected, seamless, easy to clean, resistant to knocks, scrapes, and wear, and highly resistant to chemical spills. Industrial flooring is leak-proof and approved in accordance with AgBB and DAfStb standards.

Manufacturing spaces in the chemicals and pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, hydraulic lifts, machine rooms, production facilities, vehicle workshops, fuel depots, heating oil rooms, filling stations, chemical plants, multi-storey car parks, and many other places.